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Our Purpose

Increase Virtue. Drown Out Depravity.

You hear it every day, one way or another.

"Digital media isn't good for society. It's damaging to our kids.

It drips with greed, envy, pride, selfishness, and notions we don't even want to think about."

But it doesn't have to be that way.


Digital spaces are a medium.


These mediums can be incredibly fruitful spaces where the virtuous information of our age is conveyed to the betterment of humanity and mankind's common good.


Digital spaces are a medium.

These mediums can be vacuums full of damaging, corrupting content, resulting in horrible events.

Increase the sheer volume and online presence of virtuous businesses and organizations.   Drown out the depravity.

The Solution.

Our Mission

Modern Marketing is devoted to the mission of assisting with three core initiatives through our profits that reflect the passions of our founder and team.

Funding Adoption

Fully fund 100 adoptions both in the US and internationally.

Anti-Sex Trafficking

Fund the rescue of 1,000 sex-trafficked women and children.

Sending Pastors

Full financial support for 50 church-planting Pastors

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